Sofia Enriquez
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Sofia Enriquez is a visual artist from the Coachella Valley, California, whose practice consists of large-scale murals, up-cycled and re-painted vintage clothing, and fine art works.

Her first forays into art were volunteering for the Palm Springs Art Museum (where she would eventually teach), the Coachella Valley Art Scene and other local arts organizations.

Simultaneously Enriquez developed her own art-infused fashion line ‘MUCHO’ where she incorporated her own designs onto vintage clothes.

In 2014, Enriquez graduated from Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, California with a BFA in Communication Arts.

Since then, Enriquez has painted over 30 murals and public art works for cities in California. She has also created portraits internationally in Mexico City, Tokyo, and Paris and for Goldenvoice music festivals - including the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.



Enriquez’s work references her Mexican-American culture and intercultural identity.

She uses portraits of androgynous, but timeless, faces as a means of creating self-awareness and to encourage observers to be present in their surroundings. The faces are inspired by traditional Roman Catholic portraiture, American pop art, and vintage Mexican folk art.

Enriquez incorporates Spanish, English and Spanglish terms and expressions within her work as a reflection of both her own heterogeneous identity and that of the wider Mexican American community.  

In addition to the faces, she weaves bold elements - such as paiselies and other icons - into fluid-like compositions that create the illusion of movement in her murals and hangings.